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Attorney Gregory A. Cade specialized in Environmental Law and Asbestos Occupational Exposure, with a remarkable professional experience of over 20 years, has successfully recovered millions of dollars for asbestos cancer victims who were struggling with diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, gallbladder cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, colon cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Gregory A. Cade is also the chairman of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., which he joined in 1993 as an investigator and litigation paralegal, as well as a member of numerous renowned groups and associations, including the ABA and the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. Gregory A. Cade pursued a master’s program in Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene on top of obtaining of his J.D. degree from Miles School of Law, in 2001. He worked closely with toxicologists, epidemiologists and other scientists at the UCLA School of Public Health, contributing to a thorough understanding of how environmental pollutants affect human health. Gregory A. Cade’s interest in the legal system and his passion for science motivated him to become an attorney. Despite the fact that asbestos cases are extremely complex, demanding and time-consuming, the attorney considers his career to be very rewarding; as he can efficiently help asbestos exposure victims and families recover the financial compensation they deserve. Attorney Cade represented many Alabama workers and families that were exposed to asbestos containing materials (ACM) at their workplaces or in their homes, through secondary exposure from a family relative working with asbestos. These are the most prevalent cities in Alabama with asbestos occupational sites: Alabama City, Auburn, Birmingham, Chickasaw, Coosa River, Decatur, Dothan, Fairfield, Florence, Gorgas, Huntsville, McIntosh, Mobile, Montgomery, Naheola, Prattville, Selma, Stevenson, Tuscaloosa, Tuskegee.



Gregory A. Cade had the vision to form a national trial firm that litigates multi-plaintiff environmental cases throughout the United States. Greg is no stranger to the legal environmental community. Much of his understanding of worker and community exposure to toxic substances began several years ago while working as an industrial hygienist for the Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. An overwhelming understanding of the principles of toxic torts, quantitative analysis, and environmental law clearly carved a career for Greg in an area that is often avoided because of its complexity, time consumption, and financial risk.

Greg’s dedication and greatest motivation is renewed every day while working with clients who have been negligently or intentionally victimized by unforgiving contaminants released into the environment and/or workplace.

Greg’s overall success is based on simple principles that have brought satisfaction and legal stability at a fairly young age:

1. Listen to the client

2. Understand the laws and science that govern the case.

These philosophical principles have prompted several successful ventures as independent counsel and co-counsel involving worker and community exposures all over the Southeast.

Greg is currently handling thousands of individual and community claims. These stem from injuries due to exposure to creosote, coke emissions, benzene, dioxins, PAHs, PCBs, and other known toxicants.


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