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Difference between a Car Accident and a Truck Accident

Difference between a Car Accident and a Truck Accident
Car Accidents Truck Accidents

Not all vehicle accidents are created equal, despite common perception. For example, in a number of key areas, trucking accidents and the way in which they are handled are distinctive. Trucking accidents are described as collisions involving tractor trailers,18-wheelers, semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles causing personal injury and/or harm to property.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stats, accidents involving big commercial trucks accounted for 287,000 claims of property damage, 77,000 injuries and 4,321 fatalities over a single year. Because business trucks are generally considerably bigger than the car they collide with, there is usually significant damage to the other car. Relatively speaking, big trucks are liable for a tiny part of road accidents, but the size of these trucks increases the potential for harm or more severe damage than normal. Truck accidents, in essence, tend to be more disastrous.

Another difference between truck accidents and car accidents is that it will be more time-consuming, more complex, and costly to investigate and pursue the remedies associated with the accident.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

It is not always simple and straightforward to settle disputes associated with trucking accidents, primarily because of the added possible causes of an accident. The cause will usually be human error with the average automobile accident, such as a driver failing to stop without signaling at a red light of changing lanes. With trucking accidents, the driver will still bear significant responsibility for an accident, but it may be indirect, and it may also involve the trucking company— making them partially or completely liable for the accident.

Equipment Failures

Failure of equipment plays a major part in causing truck accidents, failure of equipment does not automatically release the driver from liability. The reason the driver will still be kept to some degree accountable is because it is the duty of the driver to carry out pre-trip inspections to guarantee that all equipment is safe and function correctly. The failure of a piece of machinery that the driver should have inspected before starting their journey is probable to result in the driver being held accountable.

Trucking Companies Have More Insurance

One big difference between a car accident and a truck accident is that it involves much higher insurance coverage. The amount of coverage will depend on the size of the truck, where they are transporting goods and what type of materials or goods are normally transported, among other things. Besides a vehicle insurance policy, a business is more likely to have a general liability insurance that may also provide additional coverage in the event of a truck accident.

Higher Medical Bills

The probability of injury is significantly higher in a truck accident than a standard car accident. The basics of physics dictate that the bigger the truck, the more likely it is to cause injuries that are often life threatening. This in turn leads to higher medical bills.

Higher Compensation

It’s not rocket science, but since the medical bills are higher and there is more insurance, there is potential for higher compensation in a truck accident case then there is in a standard car accident.

Truck Accidents are very complex cases that require the assistance of an experienced lawyer to achieve a favorable result. Whether your accident took place in New York, Los Angeles or even states like Missouri or Kansas, be sure to speak to a truck accident lawyer in your area if you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident.

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